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So, What IS a Personal Chef?
A Personal Chef is Me!. . . someone who has a passion for cooking. . .who brings that joy to your home and dinner table!

What is the difference between a Private Chef and a Personal Chef?
A Private Chef may cook daily meals for one family.  Some Private Chefs live with the family.  A Personal Chef Cooks for many clients, usually one per day.  Multiple meals are prepared and packaged for consumption as needed.

Can you cook my food and deliver it to me?

Yes.  Some people prefer to have their meals prepared off site and delivered to their home in time for dinner.  We provide that service option for our clients.  All you need to provide is freezer space for the meals I prepare.

How long will you be cooking in my kitchen?
This time will vary depending on that day's menu.  I may be there anywhere from 3-6 hours.

Do I need to be home while you are there?
You do not need to be there.  Most of my clients are at work and because I am busy cooking several things at the same time, I will need to focus on the work at hand.  Your kitchen is my "office" for the day.

How will my meals be packaged?
At your interview, we will discuss packaging options and portions needed for your household.  A variety of packaging may be used depending on the foods that are prepared.  You will be provided with heating instructions, depending on packaging, each cheffing day!  No matter how your food is packaged, clean-up is a breeze.

How do I book my own Personal Chef?
It's SO simple!
Just call or email and we will schedule a time for your FREE consultation.  During that time, we will complete an interview on your likes/dislikes, food allergies and specific needs you have regarding your diet.  You will be provided an extensive menu from which you will choose your entrees.  I will also "interview" your kitchen while there too.

This sounds GREAT, but can I afford your service?

Absolutely!  When you consider the cost of gorceries (and those purchased with 'good intentions' that get tossed), time to plan a variety of healthy meals, shopping, cooking and clean up time, you'll find the pricing to be quite affordable.  And you and your family can dine in the comfort of your home on healthy food, tailored to your specific preferences.

Are gift certificates available?

Yes, simply call or email us, provide us with the name of the recipient and their address and we'll be happy to mail the certificate.  Certificates must be paid for (in full) prior to mailing and at least one week prior to the meal preparation day.

How do I contact you to book a cooking date?
Call 616-402-6745 or fill out our request for information form. We will return your call within 24 hours.